Sunday, July 8, 2012

My life so far.

Sorry I have been so lame lately. I have been so busy. As many of u know my family came u Utah to visit me for a month. I have loved them being here! It is so easy to just hang out with my fam and to push of my homework till last min. And to just say oh I will just go to sleep really late. So since my family is in town we have been going everywhere and gone to a lot of parties.

We went to the zoo. Which was really fun. We went with my aunt Di and her grandson, Collin, (I have posted pictures of him before. I love that little man), my aunt Ju and 2 of her kids, Shelby and Quinn, and then my mom, emilee, and the girls. It was so fun!

Of course my cousin Mallory and her husband Willie got married. And with that came tons of parties. It was an amazing wedding. And tons of fun. Congrats Mal and Willie!!

I also went down to provo to help Aly and Brant move. While I was on my way home a got in a car accident. It was not my fault. But I can not drive my car. I hate depending on others.

We have ton tons of shopping! It's what our family does best.

We have had a couple of BBQ's.

We went to Taylorsville's days and watched an amazing firework show.

We went to see the movie Brave. Which was amazing!! Everyone needs to go and see it.

Of course I have been doin tons of homework and been going to school even tho half the time I don't want to because I want to hangout with my family.

Of course we have had tons of slurpees

Also while my family has been here in Utah there has been tons of fires all over the valley. So crazy. It has taken along time to get there under control.
Here are some pics of our adventures.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My great day!

So Saturday was the best. I woke up to a text message from my best friend Aly Giles (fellows). Bryant and Aly asked me out on a picnic date. Of corse i said yes.I couldn't wait till they came to salt lake to hang out with me. But before I had my date i had planed a see day with my aunt Leslie and Lani. It was so fun. I sewed and unpicked what I messed up. And Made an iPod/iPhone running case. It turned out perfect.
And then it was time for my date with Aly and Bryant. It was so fun. Went when to City Creek Mall. And after the mall we went to my house and had a picnic on my porch above my roof. So fun we just talked and cot up with each other lives. It was really fun. After they went home me and my roommates made salsa and guacamole We ate and had some great conversations. In all and all it was a great day!!
Love Cassie

Friday, June 8, 2012


Sorry I havnt posted in like a week but I have been crazy busy!! Every night this week I have been up to 1-3 or later in the morning, because I have had so much homework and dead lines and I have been at work later. And then I have been waking up early to work out. So I haven't had much sleep this week. So since I have been so stressed I have cut back on my hours. Which means I will not be shopping, going out to eat, no movies, no nothing. Which is fine, it's going to help me concentrate on school. But tonight I am going to my cousins bachelorette party, which should be way fun! And then tomorrow I am going to my aunt Leslie's house to sew! She is making a bag and I am going to make an iPod holder for when I run! I'm so stoked! And then we are going to swimming! I can't wait for Saturday it is going to be a nice break! I will post pictures of my project on Saturday or Sunday. Well I hope your day is going perfect!
Love Cassie

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day of rest

So today has been an amazing day. Today at church some one said, " It is the strongest character that God gives the most trials to. And you need to take that as a complement. God trust you" this hit me hard. Some one also said, "If we hold our hand with the Savior, we can wipe our tears with the other. And our vision will become clearer." Today was a good day. I learned a lot and I'm glad I decided to come to church today. I needed to here the things which I heard. They will help me and help my family. In relief society, which by the way I have never been a fan of, we talked about happiness. It was an amazing discussion. We talk about what makes us happy. An how we become happy. Like how many times have we caught ourselves saying. "I will be happy when..." And while we were talking about this our teacher changed the phrase to "I will be happy now..." or "I am happy because...". this made me really think about how I look at things. A goal I wrote down at the beginning of the year that I would look at everything in a positive attitude. Like the glass is half full instead of the glass is half empty. It was an amazing day at church.
Love, Cassie

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Me and Colin

So today after school I went to see my grandparents and we went over to my aunts house and my cousins son (idk what I am supposed to call him) I just call him Colin and he calls me Cassie. Haha. But so of course he loved to see me because I am his favorite and we decided to go to Blue Lemon for dinner with my grandparents, Di, and Colin. So yummy by the way! But here is some pictures of me and Colin. I love this boy. And he loves his stuffed Woody doll.
Love Cassie

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hump day

So today has been a lazy day thats for sure. Well I didn't just sit around on my couch all day. Well I did but I was drawing my perspective drawing and I also put together another project for my perspective drawing class and also my google sketch-up homework. I plained on doing my space plaining class homework, book of mormon homework, and my finance homework. But that is why I am young and I can stay up till the wee hours of the night. Right now I am in my Perpective drawing class waiting for my teacher to come and check my drawing.
on the bright side I got a surprising email today. Long story short I dont have a place to live in the fall and the winter. I thought I was going to be able to stay in the place where I am now. Which I love but my landlord told too many girls that we could live there next semester. And only 4 girls can live in my apartment and I was the 5th girl she promised. SO I have been looking for a new place. And no real luck, some maybe's but nothing I am dyeing over. But my landlord just emailed me and said that one of the girls wants to sell her contract. And my landlord came to me first. So I haven't signed the contract but I have a place for the next year! Thank-goodness!! I didnt want to move. And I like my ward and my Bishop and I didnt want to move out of the ward. So it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!